Hot Weather for Those Who seek Cool Water


Just happened in the last hours that my mind traveled few years back in 2005. I was working as intern in one of large private TV station- whose fame now is deteriorating.  I was clueless about what I needed to do, as the process of me being there was kind of hustle. I was so distress with new work environment, fast-paced culture in my department, and needless to say some unthinkable system that paralyzed people to relate and communicate socially  with each others, which was understandable given the workload that needed to be done.

I remembered the last night when I was there, I was so thrilled waiting for sunrise appeared through the glass windows in that office ( I chose to stay overnight in the office) I then went outside breathed the fresh air and screamed a Braveheart movie famous jargon “Freedom!”

As I reflected that exhilarating moment of that certain phase in my life, one thought came across to my mind. I understand freedom , and even better, when I experience the true freedom  is only when I have endured injustice and freedom. Such a freedom that remains in my mind until now will not come without such oppressions beforehand.

Eventhough I am so thankful right now of accepting who I am, I used to have really bad view about myself, I saw myself as a failure, and I failed in many areas of my life. One of them was in leadership, I was so fearful when people gave me responsibilities. I vaguely remembered my failure when I was appointed as a captain of my class for three consecutive years-which is a good thing rather than remember those failure vividly and cause it  to be lingering in my minds now and then- one of those failures was when the whole class opposed your leadership, looked down on you, and bullied your very self.  I prayed and hoped that God gave me courage and authority to be responsible to the given responsibilities eversince.

Did I find courage? I did! But only through the whole 14 years of struggling, tests and unceasing pressures in my life, then I found what people call Courage!

Did I find authority? I did! But only through another 5 years of another oppositions, disputes, broken relationships, and sacrificing in my life, then I found what people call Authority!

When I pray to God to make me humble, I will be given a humbling moment. Will it be pleasant? Guess yourself! I would describe it as an arrogance-turn-into-downcast-then-humbled moment. The journey of finding courage, authority, and humbleness will long last until I see the Everlasting One.

Hot weather (first) for those who will appreciate Cool water.

Lord Jesus bless you Amen!


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