Remain, Teachable

Have you heard this saying ” One day you are a teacher, wisdom and insights are your last name, but in the next day you are student with curiosity and tender heart to be taught.”

I was leader of a group of bible study in different parts of the islands, more that I led the fellowships and met with different people with different cultural background more that I realized how beautiful it was spending time, to lead and to nurture but also be led and be nurtured back.

Sometime being a designated leader in organization or group, will subconsciously drives you  to walk into state of hostility trying to maintaining authority that has been given.

Nevertheless, it is a natural dynamic and obligation for us to display authority for order and goal to be achieved. In other cases, protecting the hurt feelings and  defending  opinions are my initial reaction when I try to establish authority in people I lead. The latter is often come up to the surface, instantly.

I love what Jesus said in Matthew 23:10 on not to call ourselves teacher because we have one Teacher, and He is Christ. Christ the ‘Anointed One.’

For me it, as Swindol put it, means that we may have great talent standing in the front of people persuade them and convince them with our creative ways or may be teaching scripture with life changing authority, but will remain be, teachable?

it’s Worth to ask..



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