Fearing The Lord

If you fear pain, you will evade  the pain or try to ease the pain..

If you fear a person, you will either flight or defense yourself from him or her..

If you fear an accident, you will be really careful or not be reckless enough to close your eyes when crossing the street

If you fear savage animal, you will either run or hide from it..

If you fear love, you will trample on it or perhaps holds it too tight..

If you fear punishment, you will do anything to have the punishment passed..


If you fear the Lord, you will not run from Him, but be so much more closer to Him, no pretense, no mask to be worn upon..

The only fear that requires you to be close to Him.. Not run away in dismay, praise the Lord!

The Lord takes delight to those who fear Him- and Not the strength of the Horse or the strength of man- Psalm 147:11






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