Divine Separation

We might have heard it often, time when we meet person who come from unexpected place in unexpected time, and yet he or she is so meaningful in our life. They could impact us greatly, so great that we might be wondering on how could we meet this person in the first place. We may call it Divine Appointment.

In our Church, or College, we use it often in different saying or sentence in prayer, like ” It is not coincidence that we are gathered here..”


“For you have come to such time like this” (Book of Esther)

But as time is running I discover another  process that God bestows on one phase in our life, and we call it  Divine Separation.

Initially, I used to thing that it is a way God refines us by separate us, in our sinful nature, all things that hinder us to be used for His glory.

It could be our ambition, lust, selfishness, anger, habits that’s damaging or unhelpful relationship.

But it’s not stopping there, it could be thing that we hold it dearly with our integrity, with our desire to please the Lord and yet He wants us to leave. The process of leaving is preceded by Obedience.   He wants us to obey Him to leave.

Jesus said, for those who leave their mother, father and all His possession will certainly not lose His reward. This act of separate ourselves from what we love or what we are comfortable with, even perhaps thing that we ought to think is pleasing the Lord, or achievement that we have been thriving so hard in His Kingdom, and yet He wants us to leave those things.

One of my mentor said, never satisfied on what you’ve achieved in the kingdom, keep on asking, keep on inquiring the Lord, with fear and trembling out of reverence to The Lord.

Nevertheless, Jesus shows through Paul the most excellent way, to where we should go..

“If I have faith to move mighty mountain but have no Love, I am nothing, and even If throw my body into fire but If I have no Love I am useless.”

Divine separation is to dwell in the Love of God. Not in other Love around us. That love may require us to leave behind the beloved one the closest one in our heart.. or all religious act or worship. Maybe through pain, suffering, and float of tears in our bed. What an interesting Journey to undertake.



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