Wisdom through the least




It has been fascinating to see how Jesus reveals the profound wisdom to those who are barely seen in society.

He mentioned in the gospel, those people who are by any comparisons are unlikely to receive that wisdom- of course in worldly point of view, we are under the dichotomy of receiving what we deserve.

But He gives compassion to those he pleases.

I was, in one particular evening, sitting in the Youth fellowship service, then one of the speaker turned out was a shy and quite man, he came in, sat in the mat and greeted me. I was saying to myself “Here we go again this man with the most boring sermon in the world.” Subtly the gentle spirit like whispered in my heart said “I want you to listen to him.”

I was struggling with his tender voice, and I notices some of the youth had procrastinated by moving their legs, biting their nails, and I said to myself that we will get nothing out of this..

Until he said ” Not by might not by my power but by my spirit” it was quoted words of Lord God Almighty to Zerubabbel in Zachariah 4, when the angel of the Lord said to Daniel to wake up again, to have his attention back to see what God wanted to reveal to him through His angel.. I was in the flesh grudging, impatiently avoiding God’s word through His servant, and yet, by His grace, I am enlightened.

By the flesh I could just make presupposition on what to come or what I expect but by the Spirit I want nothing but to glorify the Father (John 15). Yet when I write this reflection with word “least” in the title, it is my worldly point of view to put people in “Least’ category and “More”, my natural dichotomy of per-conceived notions in my head, it is perhaps, sinful nature.

But thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ who set me free, as Paul says in Rome 7, when he is hopelessly thriving to fight his sinful nature.



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