Exodus 15:11 There is none like You..

It was 6:30 am this morning in Indonesia, I was praying earlier and then was asked by my parent to close the window in one of the building in our house complex, just around the corner near the door before I got out from the main house to the smaller house to close the window, I saw a book which title is vibrant as it ever be “The Australian Stories for the Soul”. Haven’t seen that book for a while now. I gleaned at the cover of sycamore-fig tree or some sorts with soft orange light dimes in the background. I opened the cover only to find and old piece of paper, not big, it’s like the size of sticky note you ever put in your book or diary.

This small paper with subtle light brown color because of age  has the written passage from Exodus 15:11

Who among the gods is like You O Lord?

“Who is like You  Majestic in holiness, Awesome in glory,

Working wonders?”

As I read that, I was moved almost to tears, to remember My Lord Jesus Christ to whom was sent for me undeserved sinner by My Lord the Lord Almighty of Unprecedented Glory and Honor, none like Him . After tough ordeals during the week, it is a water fountain I need to rest and quench my thirst of His presence.

In the end of the paper, some words were written ” Moses and Miriam’s song after Red Sea Crossing”

Thanks God I made it across the Red Set this week, thank you My Lord all glory and honor just for You..


PS: This book was given by Dora Calladine to me, as when I was studying  in Tasmania Australia 4 years ago. A lady who was faithfully serving the Lord with abundant love  welcomed me to her house, a fragile and oblivious young man I was back then. She is now with the Lord Jesus Christ, but Her heart is with me.

picture is courtesy of Alberto Deo Prawira, a Young man going after God’s heart


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