Hidden Paradise-Sumba Beaches

In the yonder island in eastern part of Indonesia there are stunning beaches hidden in serenity. People may have known Kuta, the raise in fame Lombok, or Pangandaran as a beautiful long coastal beaches which attract lot of people to come, whether just to lay down in the white sand, surfing or solemnly finding the solitude for the soul. But some, or rather few people, are not really knowing about the hidden beautiful beaches in Nusa Tenggara Timur/NTT (East Nusa Tenggara). NTT as a province is a vast area consist of many small islands that are covering the area as massive as East Java province. Sumba is one island, discreetly thrives for thousands years boasting it’s beautiful beaches to nobody.


Of course, people may have heard the stunning, luxurious Nihiwatu, which the reason  it could fall into the foreign investor completely in the first place is still vague, and yet is limited for those who have plenty of money to spend. Nevertheless, on the Hindsight their effort to help local people and bring awareness about health, sanitation, malaria prevention and education is a praiseworthy effort that I would like to acknowledge.


This time we will explore the dazzling, remote beaches around Sumba where you don’t need to pay or get annoyed by the noise and smokes from motor bike nozzle  or surrounded by men and women showing off their six abs. But don’t expect the 5 stars hotels service as well, because there is no, by any means, any modern facilities or fancy restaurant, and health emergencies hospital nearby perhaps not yet, just for your consideration. The native around the beaches are pretty much live as a fisherman or farmer who will welcome you with the best smile in the world.

Rua Beach


Located about 2o km south of Waikabubak this beach is well known for it’s distinct white beach sand. If you familiar with Kuta this is one is similar, what makes it  better is that the mob of people that you meet in Kuta will not be here, the cleanness is far beyond comparison as well. .


If you went to the beach direction immediately before reaching the shore you will encounter vast green field, with some sarcophagus are scattered around. Yes this is a place where the famous Pasola Ritual is held annually.





Mananga Aba Beach


This beach is located about 7 km from Tambolaka airport. Mananga Aba, whose the name I found difficult to pronounce initially, has become a popular spot for young people or family to spend their relax day there. The best time to come to this beach is around the afternoon, when the dusk is approaching. Depends on the season, sometime you can enjoy the the lovely velvet orange color paint the sky in 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Of course with not many people around, which makes it so special. Nevertheless you need to be careful as you may get cut or wound since because when I was there I could find pieces of sharp object or shards, from those who litter.


This beach will be developed further by local government and private investor, at least that what I sensed on the picture project of Pantai Kita that I saw in Melati motel close by, perhaps the beach will never be the same again.   As I sat there in the white warm sand, some of my Australian friends and local people were wandering looking for great spot for pictures. They came faraway from Australia to enjoy this natural bliss, meanwhile the locals were from Anakalang, Central Sumba, to which some of them have never seen any beach before.



We went there with this boy (pic above), who never ever see  beach before. You can imagine perhaps, if you were trapped in time and space in a remote island, once you have a chance to encounter something new, you would just go for it. Exactly what this boy did, he was roaming around the beach when we tried to find him, we though he was missing.

Konda Beach

Now, this particular beach is utterly stunning, hidden subtly in the end of forest, this beach is actually a  coastal bay located in the southern part of the Island. I used to stay in the small village with so-called name, Taman Mas, it took about 45 minutes to get there with motor bike to the beach, the trail was terrible last time I went there, but  worth it!



I went there around the same time when some Czechoslovakian were trying to surf there. I heard some locals had some dispute with the foreigners about the acquisitions of the landmark close to the beach, unbeknownst to the buyer the private ownership  of Natural assets is strictly prohibited. Haven’t heard what’s turn up from that ordeal eversince. Prayerfully they will sort out mutual understanding of thus incident.



Now the beach itself has a soft but strong wave, there is no danger of Rip since this is technically a bay, but strong enough to have surfer roaming freely since the the area is pretty big, approximately 4 miles of coastal length. With some foreigner travel here and back, this beach will surely be a spot where more people will come in time to come.





I would recommend you to interact with local people or have local guide to direct you to them, they are lovely people who really want to get to know you better as you try to open your heart to them. When I was there I also visited the only school available there, they only have 2 teachers with about 50-80 students, and they are looking for English teachers. Are you interested to teach them some English skills? Let me know..



Tarimbang Beach

I never been there but just search the name of the beach above in Google, this beach is located in same coastline with Konda beach, but it is located further to east direction. Again use Google and you will find something dazzling!



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