Phil 1:29 and a small boy within me

I just returned from another Island few days ago. I walked outside the doorstep then I saw a young man was walking with his son, I’ve never seen Him before, I didn’t know why my eyes were gently fixed on his motion along the road, and then he saw me, I smiled, he frowned, he ignored me and walked away. That day was a start of a series of people who see you with despise on the next days and the days to come.

I was a small boy I was sitting in the porch of my house, not so long until an older boy taller than me approached and spat on me, off he went.. and the next few days the boys around my neighborhood left me hanging around in the play ground, because of the faith I professed.

I am working with the Lord, for Him, I realized few days ago the feeling of being ignored or hated because of working for Him, need to be there, that isn’t the side effect of serving Him or several co-incidents along the way of serving him. It has been granted, like Apostle Paul said, on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him but also suffer for him.

I haven’t experienced the oppositions for quite sometime in the last 6 months- it may lead me to the comfortable life. When the feelings of being rejected kicks in, it makes me stop and then reflect. Internally the feelings that occurred in my heart were, when the oppositions came, “How long this will last, can I get through this?” Or “Why this thing fall upon me?”

But the question is now,  “How will I greatly embrace it? ”

and then a statement of thankfulness of  His grace, blessing and uncomfortable feeling is this :

“It is a privilege  of following him.. to be hated, and love them back”


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