What’s been happening in Life

This has been busy time for me, 2012 what an interesting year for me. In the beginning of the year I was contemplating on what I wanted to do with my life. Then things were just floating in the front of my face, from Sydney, Tasmania, Jakarta, Surabaya, Jogja, Sumatra, Tanjung Pinang, Sumba, Jakarta, Surabaya, Dubai, London, and now I am standing here in the airport wating for check-in to go to USA.

Felt like my soul and my body is thrown back and forth from one places to another places, without having time and space to figure out what is really happening with people around me, new people especially, envronment and all others unfamiliar and yet became familiar along the way. Love, pain, achievement, affirmations, insights, conflicts, desperation, fear, anxiety, lost, excitement, community, friends, friendships, heart-broken, fall-in love, God Jesus, all those words are naming what have been crowding in my heart and soul in the last 9 months, really..

Now I ask my Lord( and then ask myself),I ask him to help me to slow down, to reflect on what’s been happening to enjoy with my heart any encounter with any human being, to breath in the fragrance of difference soil and odour from some lovely maiden that passing by, to mend the broken hearted, to leaping in Joy on somebody’s success, to sit under the stary night contemplating about my furious anger earlier in the day, to enjoy the benefits of sitting in the comfy chair of Emirates A380 from Dubai to London and eventually slept in, to have conflicts with some associatiates and fellow workers because of different things we are wanting to achieve, listened to downcasted people, those who were hurted so bad that the pain is still remain after so many years, to forgive but not to trust anymore, all of those that drive me mad sometime.

One thing that I do see as a rewarding moment is when I am remembering that all of these that’s happening because of God’s will for the very best of my life, my friends and also those who were inflicting pain around me. When I tried to understand all of this I was so opressed, until I come to his Sanctuary and then I know where it ends.

I love you Lord..


Soekarno Hatta International Airport

17:59 6th September 2012


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