Mt.Bromo the Majestic Beauty in East Java, Indonesia

It was started when my friend Laura told me that she wanted to see Mt.Bromo in East Java before she returned to Sydney. I heard about Bromo from different people and the words of amusements, awe and admiration kept on coming to my ears, but not until Laura and Emily (the other friend who came along a bit during the plan) were eager to go there so that I was also entreated to come. Rumor has it that the illuminating sunrise falling to the mountain Bromo  overlooked from the top of the hill is the most divine majestic experience people can get. Located behind recently active Mt.Semeru (3570 Meter above sea level) Mt.Bromo with height of approx 2392 Meter/7641 ft above sea level, will be our next destination.

So we decided to catch train from Jogja to Surabaya in 5 hours enjoyable Business class Train for 9 bucks (AU$) one way. From Surabaya it would have been another 5 hours down south to go to the Bromo area. Initially I thought on catching public transport to go there from Surabaya, but my Uncle who live there strongly recommended us to rent Car as the bus will be crowded with people inside and stopping in random places too long. We got pretty decent car rent it for Rp 400.000,- for 2,5 days or as equal as AU$45 with driver with Petrol excluded.

Now that the sunrise was at it’s best at 4-ish O’clock we rent a house to stay for night and wake up as early as 3 O’clock in the morning for 30 bucks with traditional shower. We then also need to ride Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser 4WD for another 25 bucks to rent it, I think. The driver will drive us to the overlook and go down to let us climb the Bromo crater. Took us about 45 minutes to get to the top, we were there at the overlook with bunch of Germans, French and Finish people were around already.

It was about 4:30 am, pretty cold for me so I put my Riverside Jacket with some synthetic fur-like material inside and Hudson beanies covering my head. Perhaps not that cold for my Aussie’s friends as I saw them enjoying themselves. I was wandering around with Laura taking some pictures while Emily was looking for the best spot to see the whole set of mountains. In the sky the sun rays came out bit by bit showing the translucent orange color painting the dark sky with subtle velvet color. I held my head high among the crowds yearning for the one view that I ‘ve been hearing for years, and there you go.

In this mountains set, in the left is Mt.Bromo with big wide crater, in the right is Mt.Widodari and right in the front is Mt. Batok. In the furthest the biggest from all four is the Volcanic active Mt. Semeru.

Bromo comes form the Sanscrit wordh Brahma, the god of creation in Hindu. Bromo and the mountains surrounding are part of  Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The people here speak Javanese the same language that I speak, they are probably the direct descendants of Majapahit Hindu people who remain in Java while the others were moving to Bali at 15th-16th Century.

Laura’s trick for survival, sandals and thick socks.

On the way down to Bromo crater, while we stopped on other spot to take picture, the 4WD driver (native person whose name I should’ve asked) said to me that how blessed he is every time he goes up to the top mesmerizing the beauty of the creator, he said “I love this mountains it is gift from the creator in my heart, and I will do anything to keep it like this”.

In the end he said to me to which I agree ” You will never know what had been happening since thousand years ago, so long since these mountains  might have been here at the first place, and who I am now thousand years later here admiring this“. Yes brother I do not know, what I know is the creator of this knows you and knows me by name, we pray and hope we may know Him better.

Note: The pictures are private collections with others are the courtesy of Laura McGilvray and Emily Janes Evans.


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