Sumba it’s a journey, and it’s amazing

I am Indonesian, I am 27 years old, and frankly, it takes 24 years the life-span of my life to actually know and realize there is such Isolated island in East part of Indonesia, called Sumba.

Sumba, as lot of expert and people have said, is one like no other island, subtlety closing itself from outsider, for more than thousand years. Legend has it that, the indigenous people of Sumba came from people in India who traveled an exceptionally long journey from sub-continent of India to South east Asia. Well when I had my encounter with some Sumbanesee,having heard that saying about the Indian Ancient Journey, I could actually see the resemblance of Indian faces in their face complexion, mostly form Dravidan I guess. It kept me on thinking, until I red book from French Scholar who have studied this pattern of Indian culture transmition, along with that was interracial marriage as the consequences..

Would like to talk further about Sumba and the beauty of it’s unique culture, but for now I just want to share little bit of what we did, in the last 3 years, hoping that we are not just being tourist but want to make difference, especially on supporting kids and desperate Young people stranded in time and space. One thing to ponder, about 70% of the kids in sumba suffer Mal nutrition, the corruption and mischievous behavior on government any level in the scoiety is omnipresent and worsen it, well it is like everywhere in Indonesia, really..

May Sumba will be elevated in your consciousness as a part of the world, more over as the part of human being, until then they will be part of your heart.

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