When there is, Obedience..preceding Love.. there is no Fear, Ruth

The story of Ruth is one of the story in the bible which has unique message but also profound meaning. I remember one of the lecture in my class said this statement ” If you wanted to know the Love story in the bible, you should read Ruth, it is.. Heedfully Romantic!” My goodness!!  Having heard what she said, I picked my bible straight away and skimming some pages in Old Testament, until then  I found the book of Ruth. 

I’ve been praying to God to find somebody who Love him in Jesus’ name, love me, and love the work that God has for us. I pointed back to a point of time in my life, where I was studying a course in Tasmania, and one of the requirement, or policy of  it was “Refrain from exclusive or Romantic Relationship”. One keep on wondering, who can survive this? I did! Well It didn’t mean I was walking through softly being callous on that sort of thing, but with limped feet step put from puddle and murky water! When then I graduated from the study, Changing the world was not the first thing in my life, I said to myself, “Well, I’ve finished the race, let’s find the one who’ll be closest to my heart, together let’s change the world. Sounded good eh? at the time.

Initially wanted to obey God and respect others, then I forget to counsel Him and then gradually was like a tiger who just escaped from the Cage, looking, browsing… obsessed.. craving.. tired.. deteri0ted.. Got one, then pain, and purposeless future..then downcasted and crashed.. Enough for the Old skull skits, let’s back to Ruth..

What I love about Ruth, was she had every reasons to be afraid on what she did toward Boaz (Her Husband then). Although what she did reasonably, culturally quite appropriate (Boaz was not the nearest Kinsmen to redeem her), it was still dangerous. In Jewish tradition, if a woman spread the corner of her garment means she is proposing for married. When a man does that it means he does acquisition to that woman (Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Ruth). Again, what she did was really dangerous not only for her but also for Boaz, with Naomi’s direction that, apparently  was also a smart move,  in Deuteronomy 22:25, it said if it happened a woman proposed marry to a man, and the man raped her, so only the man will be put to death.. and Boaz really understood this.

Now, I was wondering one thing, could that be Ruth was so obedience to what Naomi said, or Ruth had already fall in love with  Boaz beforehand. In the past, in general, most children, daughter especially, will obey to whatever it is the parents say. Was Ruth falling in Love with Boaz before they met in the threshing floor? That didn’t really matter, I think. In other side, Boaz was showing favour toward Ruth, when she was gleaning in the field. If Ruth had already fall in love with Boaz, she was still so courageous, because she had no idea how did Boaz think about her, and Ruth was Moabites, she found it alienating to all the Jewish customary. She just trusting and Obey..

I would say it was obedience that Ruth had toward Naomi, it was the obedience she had toward God as well. When I said to God “Lord will you give somebody who will go with me through life” I wasn’t obeying God instead on projecting my obsession and asked God to fulfill it, it was ending up on hurting others and myself. The feeling of attracted is keep on coming, and that is normal, the decision to obey God is what really matter, instead of following obsession. When I have a feeling to somebody, and it is overwhelming I will need to ask my self, how can I love somebody if I don’t seek counsel with God, obeying him? Seek his kingdom first and it’s righteousness then everything.. everything will be given to you.. then I can do it further.

When we obey and we do nothing, it is useless, when love proceed, taking worth-while risk, it is something.

My Lord, in my weak soul and body, I ask you to give me the spirit of obedience to you, to love you, so then I can love my brothers and sisters, love somebody with your love, teach me Lord to discipline on doing thus. Because when the feeling kicking in  I am so vulnerable and easily to give in, I love you Lord ameen


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