Vineyard’s Parable

Mark chapter 12, talked about a man who planted vineyard and rented it to some tenants, while he was away in the journey. Those tenants had been killing all of those  people whom the owner had sent in harvest time. Including His beloved son, his only son. Hoping that the tenants will receive him gladly, the owner had his son go there with confident, but it ended up into another casualties.

Before the story ends, it always been fascinating for me to recall the moment when I heard this story when I was still in sunday school. I was so obliviously enraged, even still clear in my mind, how the feeling was, especially when the blatant ignorance tenants ( I had some pictures on my mind of these tenants as a noisy, annoying and clamoring group of people, with grotesque image ), killing those the owner sent. So aggravated, I was!

The same way when I heard the story of Rich Young Ruler, I read that in Comic book, the Young Ruler was portrayed as a tall, good looking, and bright young lad. I then compared that depiction with the Bible verse in Mark, then went through Mark 10 : 21 “Jesus looked at him , and love him..” in other translation it said Jesus look at him and has compassion on him, the word compassion that stood up to me. The fact that he left Jesus, after confronting statement from Jesus, made me feel compassionate toward this Young Ruler.

“Wish he ended up following Jesus, that would be great isn’t it? the 13 Disciples..”

In the vineyard parables in The end Jesus said ” What will the owner of the Vineyard do? “He will come and kill those tenants and give the vineyard to others.”

Have I been in my life, subconsciously, becoming like the hired tenants? With the simplest example, like rejecting others who need help, or withdraw from loving those who in pain, or afraid on speaking the truth in love.. I have been a lot. The point that Jesus wanted to say is, I believe, not merely about the dread or punishment, but also His love, unfailing love that God has been giving to us abundantly. I love Jesus so much more, that’s my life vocations. Loving Jesus and has relationship with him, is not logical, mathematic, cause and effects notions, it is about the spirit of God who reveals everything to us, who chose  to relate with Him. Relationship is specific and a long story for each individual, and that requires Discipline. Will I then ended up to fail receiving His love like the rented tenants do? Doesn’t matter how you started, doesn’t matter how worse it has been, but it is in the end, that will be counted.

In the end of the parables, Jesus quoted from Psalm 118:22-23,

“The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone, the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes”

One need to die, to be seed, and grow the new plant, and it is God’s love for us.




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