Zion, the cornerstone is the new beginning

I woke this morning thinking about what I wanted to do today, mesmerizing to the flat-engraved ceiling above, I said to myself “Well let’s pray, and see what come next in the next hours”.

I am Daniel, in Yogyakarta now I am, I am working with lot of people, learn together how to make different in the world, currently I am in big break after 3 years working in Youth and Community development throughout the islands. Holidays could be your feast or could be your flaw, especially when you are getting used to somekind  of busy full-on, work, lot of dynamics and conflicts, and all the sudden the world is turning up side down, it is so quite, layback, and some time this radical shifting can be dangerous to our soul, sense of futility  which gradually lead you to unhelpful solitude, Isolations.

With grace of God I, gradually, is given skill and fellowship to withstand thus. In the last few days as I was browsing through web, I found my old Blog, contain lot of articles , photos, reviews and all trivial things that I-feel-I-like-it-to-write. From Movies, games, culinary, and action figure which I used to collect. In the other hands I noticed lot of my friends are still writing blog, plenty of beautiful pictures, writing and depth thought within. So I said to my self why don’t I start writing again? Start new beginning to appreciate others and to put on the floor any helpful thoughts that hopefully will be beneficial? There I go..

I start this my new beginning writing with topic of Zion. I read through Wikipedia and some bible scholars descriptions.

Zion is name for a hill where Jerusalem stood. It was initially built as a fortress for Jebusite (Book of Samuel) and was seized by David, this where the famous term “City of David” came to Birth. Later on, Salomon, David’s son, built the temple for YAHWEH for the Lord of Israel in Jerusalem, in which the term “Zion” was mostly being used to identify this Temple. The date of the building was around 957 BC.

Now moving out from all historical facts. It is an interesting perspective about Zion, whether it is refer to a place literally or the name solely.

In Psalm 132, David remarked that Zion is a place where Lord God YAHWEH is pleased to dwell. Now a Bible scholar said that Zion is actually us, human being. So God is pleased to dwell in us. Initially,I found it bit unusual , , then I gradually realized that it is actually an expression of Love that God the almighty has to dwell with us, As he has chosen Zion as His dwelling place.

In Isaiah 28 :16 Lord said that, He is pleased to place his glory in the “Corner stone” of Zion. Our brothers in Muslim said that cornerstone as a Corner of Kabah, meanwhile the early Christian scholars deemed that as Jesus. (Wikipedia-Cornerstone).

I love the latter perception about Jesus as the cornerstone, if we read furthermore (Isaiah 28) Lord said, through this cornerstone, the one who trust will never be dismayed. It is a promise for those who trust in him , as cornerstone in Zion. Zion, as the perception mentions above is ourselves, so we are the dwelling place of the Lord, with Jesus as a foundation as a cornerstone within us, and shall we never be dismayed, will never lose hope.

Hope this useful. God bless


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